"When you come upon the door and see it locked,
      start knocking on it, and the door will open."
               (Salih, Sufi Saint of Qazwin)

     "O Salih, what are you talking about?
     When was the door ever locked?
     It was open all along."
               (Hazrat Rabiya Adawi of Basra)

     "After knocking on the door for forty years
      I realised I had been knocking on it all along
          - from the inside."
               (Hazrat Abu Yazid Al Bistami)


     Someone knocked on the door.
     'Who is it?', asked a voice from inside.
     'It is me, O Lord, please let me in', said the seeker.
     'No, there is only room for one in here, go away',
     replied the voice from inside.
     Again there was knocking on the door,
     'Who is it?', asked the voice from inside once again.
     'It is You', said the seeker.
     The door opened and the seeker could enter this time.
               (Traditional Sufi Teaching )


     "The qualities that endear you to God are
     river-like generosity,
     sun-like affection and
     earth-like hospitality."
               (Khaza Moinuddin Chisti)  


In their many different idioms the classical spiritual writers have attempted to throw light on the eternal question of union with God. 
Every month we give you a brief passage from a spiritual classic.