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    “The Via Dolorosa is defined by faith not by history.” After the Last Supper Jesus retired to the Garden of Gethsemane. Here he was arrested and taken to the house of Caiphas and then to the Praetorium of Pilate. It is probable that Pilate condemned Jesus to death at the Citadel. This was the palace of Herod where Pilate normally lived when he came to Jerusalem. Jesus was brought through the city to the place of execution.
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    Model of the Antonia Fortress. The route of the Via Dolorosa has changed over the centuries. Here we follow the route of the Franciscan pilgrimage which assumes that Jesus was condemned not at the Citadel but in the courtyard of the Antonia Fortress.
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    The first two stations are located near Ecce Homo Arch.
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    The First Station. Jesus is condemned to death. Each Friday afternoon the Franciscan Friars lead a procession along the Via Dolorosa.
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    The Second Station: Jesus takes up his His Cross.
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    The Third Station. Jesus falls beneath His Cross
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    Ecce Homo Basilica
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    The fourth Station: Jesus meets his Mother.
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