Body and Blood of Christ

The Land of the Gospels

Jesus was born, lived and died in Palestine. It has three natural boundaries, the Mediterranean to the west, the desert to the east and the south. To the north there are the Taurus mountains.
From Galilee in the north to Beer-Sheva in the south is approximately 230 km. At its widest point it is about 80 km. From north to south Palestine may be divided into four strips.

First, there is the coastal plain bordering the Mediterranean called Phoenicia in Biblical times with Tyre and Sidon in the north. A low shoreline intersected by Mt Carmel.

The second strip is in the southern part of the country, it runs from the Jerusalem - Tel Aviv road to Beer Sheva, the southern limit of the Holy Land. There are low rounded hills with shallow valleys, extremely fertile. The Northern part of this strip is Mount Carmel a mountain range running from Mt Carmel to the south east. There are two passes through this range the most important being at Megiddo, the entrance from the coastal plain to the Plain of Esdraelon.

Palestine at the time of Jesus

The third strip is the central mountain range which runs from the end of the Carmel range due south through Samaria, Jerusalem and finally through Hebron. From Jerusalem the mountain range rises to Hebron and then falls away to the plain of Beer-Sheva and the beginning of the Negev.

The fourth and last is the Jordan Valley which takes its name from the river which rises in the Golan, flows into the lake of Galilee a fresh water lake shaped like a harp, wider in the north than the south. (212 meters below sea level, 21km in length and 12km wide at it’s broadest.) From the lake the river meanders down the Jordan valley, a very shallow gradient. In the next hundred miles it falls two hundred meters before reaching the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is long and narrow and is drying up because of a cycle of low rainfall and water being siphoned off from the Jordan for agriculture and domestic use. In the last twenty years the level of the Dead Sea has fallen by 17 meters. In 2006, it was 417 meters below sea level. From the Dead Sea the land rises until it reaches the Gulf of Aqaba.




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