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  • Judean10
    It is in the desert that the people of Israel met God. A place of purification, testing and hardship as they grew into the people of God. A place of refuge for bandits. Elijah high-tailed it out into the desert when Queen Jezebel threatened his life. There he met God. In Hosea, the desert is a place of purification: “I will now allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak tenderly to her.” Hosea 2:14 John the Baptist preached in the desert. After baptism by John, Jesus spent forty days in prayer and fasting in the desert.
  • Judean8
    After the winter rains the desert is transformed and grazing begins. Here a mixed flock of goats and sheep, the goats act as a protection for the sheep.The parasites that harm sheep are attracted to the goats and cause them no harm.
  • Judean4
    The Desert – west of Jericho. In Biblical times the desert was a place of danger, the home of demons, a place to be feared.
  • Judean11
    Fortress of Herod, on the mountain behind the camel.
  • Judean9
    A typical refuge for a flock.
  • Judean6
    A rare Black Iris which blooms in the spring
  • Judean7
    The Judean desert spreads east from the Mountain range that passes through Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron ending north of Beer-sheba, and south into the Negev.
  • Judean5
    At the time of the desert monks the desert was considered a place of penance and purification. The Greek Monastery of St George Kosiba clings to the side of a steep cliff in the Wadi Qilt. In the Byzantine period 15 caves were occupied by hermits.
  • Judean2
    Across the valley in the cliff face a Hermit’s cell.
  • Judean3
    Looking across the valley to the monastery.
  • Judean1
    Interior of the hermitage, a cave burrowed out of the rock.







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