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    Model of the Antonia Fortress, completed c 37- 35 BC. Built into the wall of the Temple, it both protected and controlled the Temple.
  • Herod2
    The Antonia Fortress was razed to the ground by the Romans in 70 A.D.
  • Herod3
    Model of Herod’s Palace
  • Herod5
    Herod’s Palace
  • Herod6
    The Temple built by Herod
  • Herod8
    Temple Mount and Antonia
  • Herod7
  • Herod9
    All Herod’s buildings have disappeared in the destruction of the city by Titus in 70 AD and by Hadrian in 135 AD. The reconstructions are made possible through the detailed descriptions provided by the historian Josephus.







The Jerusalem of Herod the Great (37- 4 BC)
Appointed king by the Romans, Herod the Great attacked Jerusalem. For forty five days, the great catapults of the Legion rained destruction on the city. Herod entered a city in ruins. Dynamic and energetic, he set about building a new city. Everything was to be rebuilt as new. He built the great fortress of Antonia, a Palace and Temple. Herod’s Temple was the largest religious complex in the ancient world, three or four times bigger than the largest temple in Rome. Herod was making a statement: The Jews are an important people. This was the Jerusalem known to Jesus.

King Herod's Jerusalem