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The Blind man of Bethsaida

Mark 8:22-26


hey came to Bethsaida. Some people brought a blind man to him and begged him to touch him. He took the blind man by the hand and led him out of the village; and when he had put saliva on his eyes and laid his hands on him, he asked him, “Can you see anything?” And the man looked up and said, “I can see people, but they look like trees, walking.” Then Jesus laid his hands on his eyes again; and he looked intently and his sight was restored, and he saw everything  clearly. Then he sent him away to his home, saying, “Do not even go into the village.” 

The Canaanite Women

The Blind Man of Bethsaida


he Blind man of Bethsaida is proper to Mark. His friends brought him to Jesus and asked him to heal him by touch. Jesus led him out of the town, put saliva on his eyes and laid hands on him. Saliva was thought to have healing properties in cases of eye disease. He is partially healed. Once again Jesus laid hands on his eyes and he saw everything clearly.

It is a significant miracle because it reveals healing as a gradual process.

There is also an echo of Jesus’ earlier remarks on the disciple’s blindness. The disciples awareness of the true significance of his teaching and mission dawn slowly. Almost impatiently, Jesus criticizes their lack of understanding:  ‘Do you have eyes, and fail to see? Do you have ears, and fail to hear? And do you not remember?’  8:18.

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